Why Choose Us

  1. Injection Mold Design, Build & Repair ... Comprehensive services for the plastics industry ... “Flat Rock Tool & Mold focuses on maximum tool life, efficient operation, quality parts and profit for our customers.”

  2. Carbide Compaction Molds For The Ceramics Industry ... Design & manufacturing die services for textiles, medical, mining, military & consumer products ... “Our unique expertise in carbide ceramics separates us from the competition.”

  3. Troubleshooting & Assessment Services ... 40+ years of company experience supporting the processes of plastic injection molding ... “In some situations, our mold improvements have gained customers up to 45% productivity improvements.”

  4. Dynamic Employees ... Service minded team who cares about our customer’s needs ... “Our employees have both the technical and people skills to help service customers in the shop, in the field or on the phone.”

  5. Long Standing Customer Relationships - 40 years continuous service to many of the same customers ... “Over half of our customers have been with Flat Rock Tool & Mold since the 1970s.”